Week in Review: May 8-12

This is one of those not normal weeks. We did not do any of our regular schooling because we were completing our required standardized testing for the year. We take the whole week off of regular school because those are so much more intense than what we normally do. Having to sit at a table and color in bubbles is not what my girls are used to doing!

 Grace went first because I have quite a bit I am supposed to read aloud to her still. She doesn’t really need me to read most of it, but we follow the directions anyway!

 Rose and Beth worked for two days. Next year I’ll be able to complete all three tests with them together which will be nice. I’ll probably break it into more days so it isn’t so overwhelming.


  While the girls worked super hard to finish their testing I kept time and worked on my scrapbook! I also used the time to finish up my grades for the English class I teach. Everything wraps up this week!
So that was it for schooling, but we had some other fun stuff happen this week too!

 For the last several years I’ve lead a moms group at our church. It’s been a wonderful ministry, but this year I’m stepping down from leading. I planned a fun painting night for us for our last meeting. We had a great time and made some wonderful memories as well as art!
 Monday night was my piano recital. Pictured here are 29 of my 35 students. 30 of them played in the recital, but one had to slip out early to be inducted into the National Honor Society. I also teach 2 adults and my 3 nieces and nephews via Skype on the weekends. The theme for the music this year was “Around the World in 30 Songs.” It was an amazing night!

My three girls! I love them so very much. Here are their songs:
Grace – He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands
Beth – A Whole New World
Rose – The Can Can
They all three played beautifully and I’m so proud of their determination to do their best! 
That was our week! As a dear friend of mine said to me the other day, “Ok, now you can sleep for days to recover!”

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