Captain Absolutely from Focus on the Family: A TOS Crew Review

Focus On The Family We are Adventures in Odyssey super-fans! I began listening to this wonderful series when I was a kid with my dad in the afternoons. When we got married I introduced my husband to the series and we began to collect the CD sets. Now our kids are huge fans and we listen to 2 or 3 episodes every day and often at night at bedtime. One of our absolute favorite characters is Wooton Bassett. He is both a mailman and comic book author. One of his main series is Captain Absolutely who defends truth, justice, and lots more truth! When I told the girls we were going to be reviewing an actual Captain Absolutely comic from Focus On The Family there were cheers and dancing all around!  Captain Absolutely  When this amazing comic arrived in the mail we had to make a plan as to who would read it first. Beth ended up with the privilege, but her sisters were looking over her shoulder! The comic itself is incredibly high quality. The sturdy cover and pages will enable your kids to read this over and over, which I think they will be doing because mine have! The combination of humor, adventure, and just plain fun make this already a well-read book in our house!  

We have a few comics, but the girls pretty much stay to very mild ones, not action and adventure and definitely not super heroes. We are extremely cautious with what they view and read. So many modern comics have scantily clad characters and messages we don’t want our kids to absorb yet. This is a spectacular alternative to those! The illustrations are stunning and completely appropriate in every way. The bad guys do attack and have evil powers, but it is done in a very mild and as non-violently as possible in a super hero story. The story of how Captain Absolutely came to be is also included and I like the science-type way he gained his super abilities, but I won’t tell you how because I don’t want to spoil it! 

 All that being said, there is one thing which stands above the rest in this comic and that is the biblical world-view. It is not presented in a cheesy way, but just as part of who Captain Absolutely is. He is not perfect, but he always looks back to the Word of God for answers. What a wonderful lesson to teach my girls! Superhero stories are unrealistic, but the example of seeking the Scripture for answers and most importantly truth is exactly what I want my girls to learn. Anytime I can give them fictional heroes who emulate these values I’m totally on board. Here is what my girls had to say:
Rose (11): I loved that at the very end Wooton Bassett is in it. I also like that there are Bible verses in it. Beth (9): I liked that it had Bible verses and that it points things out to you. It explains things in the story so you understand. Grace (7): I like that it is from Adventures in Odyssey and I like all the characters!Whether you are already an Adventures in Odyssey fan as we are or if this is the first you’ve heard of it, you will want to take a look at this new title. You won’t be disappointed! Take a look at what my Crewmates had to say!Captain Absolutely {Focus On The Family Review}Crew Disclaimer

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