Week in Review: May 15-19

This was an EVENTFUL week! I planned to have school for the first three days of the week. I had great intentions and we did get a good amount of work accomplished on Monday. Really, it started off rather calm, but in the middle of the night on Monday I was awakened from a nightmare to a horrible crashing sound. I started screaming, my husband tackled me trying to calm me down (it didn’t work), and it took us a little while to actually wake up.

When we finally did come into full wakefulness my husband began searching the house for what could have caused the crashing we heard. He soon discovered our closet system (think hanging bar, shelves, etc.), which had held up fine for the previous 9 years, had snapped off the wall. In our barely awake state we panic thinking the cat may have gone inside and was buried under the mound of clothing, games, school supplies, and tax papers. While I searched the house looking for the cat to no avail, my husband frantically began digging through the disaster and pretty much throwing things out of the closet to try and find our poor kitty. She wasn’t there. We found her hiding under one of the girls’ beds.

So the next 2 days were spent cleaning, organizing, and purging, something that was absolutely necessary and I was planning to do this summer anyway. It just happened sooner than I expected! This then led to more rooms being organized and purged.We also had the great seasonal clothing swap of 2017 Part 1. Part 2 will occur in October.

All of this had to be accomplished before Thursday morning because we already had a little mini vacation planned for the weekend! We traveled up to Hershey, PA and had an absolutely wonderful time. Grace’s favorite candy in the entire world is Hershey’s Chocolate. She will specifically ask for this brand when requesting candy, so she was over the moon. We had a great time and the girls even went on some decent sized roller coasters…and liked them! Beth and Grace stayed with the smaller ones which did not go upside down, but Rose ventured onto the Super Dooper Looper and braved the upside down coasted and loved it!

That was our much-too-eventful week! How was yours?

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