Bloom Where You’re Planted: A BookLook Blogger Review

Sometimes the Lord blesses us with deep Christian friends whom we can talk to regularly and help us along the way. During other seasons it feels like no one around us is like-minded. Bloom Where You’re Planted is like sitting down with a mentor and friend as you read. 
We all have moments of frustration with whatever our current life-path is. Sometimes it is hard to forget God has placed us where we are for a very definite purpose. Although each devotion focuses on a different area, the theme is the same: You aren’t where you are by accident. Seek God fully and see what He has in store for you there.
The style is conversational and easy to digest, although the content is not surface material alone. I felt everything had a solid biblical undertone and appreciated the way theological truths were taught in a simple, yet full way. Although themed together, many different areas of the Christian walk were also addressed. 

The only negative I saw was that the reader is not encouraged to open the Bible for themselves. It is nice for the Scripture to be printed in the book and that can be beneficial in some circumstances, but I like my devotionals to encourage me to get into the Word on my own.

I do recommend this title as the content is biblical and encouraging as well as being more than just surface faith. I would, however, not read this as my only daily time with the Lord because it does not spend much time in Scripture or encourage the reader to look in their own Bibles. 
Disclaimer: I received this title through BookLook Bloggers. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own. 

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