The Beautiful Word Devotional: A BookLook Blogger Review

Because of the grace and creativity of our Creator we can express our faith in a variety of ways. Not everyone enjoys writing. While it is encouraged to take notes during sermons, Bible studies, and personal quiet times, not everyone retains information that way the best. I encourage my daughters to use their church journals to write or draw pictures based on the sermon their daddy is preaching. They love this and I love seeing what they draw! There are times when their illustrations bear great insights for ones their age. The Beautiful Word Devotional is one way to help you creatively express while studying God’s Word. 
I’m not personally into the drawing-inside-of-your-Bible craze. I’m somewhat artistic, but this has never appealed to me. Drawing what I’m learning in my faith, however, is appealing in many regards. It is a different way to engage with the Holy Spirit and if we believe all creativity comes from God, then this is a lovely way to express oneself. 
This particular devotional correlates with a Bible by the same title. Just as with the Bible there is room for journaling or drawing on the sides of each page. I really like this option. The devotions are short and simple, focusing on one or two verses at a time. This is not what I would use for my only source for time with God, but on the days when I’m rushed or unable to spend my normal time this is an excellent option.
While I don’t draw in my Bible, the idea of artistically showing what God is teaching me is a fresh thought. So often we read through Scripture hurriedly. Using a devotion like this can be beneficial to force us to slow down and really ponder what we are reading. 
As with many devotions, I would like there to be options for further reading. While I definitely see value in focusing on a short passage for the devotion, I like when I have handy references to see what else the Word has to say on the same topic. 
Disclaimer: I received this title through BookLook Bloggers. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own. 

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