Week in Review: May 29-June 2

Talk about an off routine week! After our church service on Sunday we began our trip for a week-long conference with our denomination in OH. We have had so much fun and have a few more days to enjoy ourselves. 
On the way up we stopped at The Ark Encounter. I can’t put into words just how amazing this was. We enjoyed it so much!
We also had the opportunity to visit a house used as a hiding place for the underground railroad. 
We went to Anthony and Thomas Candy company for a tour. 
Finally, we went to COSI, a children’s museum in Columbus, OH. 
I will have separate posts up about these soon. 

It has also been a week of hearing how God is working through our denomination all around the globe. It was encouraging and challenging. We came back refreshed and ready to see where God will be taking our church in the coming months. 
Next week’s review will have even more peeks at our adventure north! 

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