Week in Review June 12-16

This week was fairly uneventful thanks to a summer cold I caught from the girls! We should have spent a good amount of time at our neighborhood pool this week, but since Beth and I spent most of the week feeling pretty lousy we just laid low around the house. We have yet to take our first summer dip, but that is in the plans for this coming week! We will also have Vacation Bible School at church this week so it will feel incredibly busy. So what did we do with our time? Honesty, quite a bit more screen time than normal. We also worked with some online school programs we are reviewing. Summer is great for that. There was some reading and math work each day as well. Rose is finishing out the history portion of our Heart of Dakota curriculum these next couple of weeks and we will be forging ahead into the new very soon. This week was about as eclectic as it gets with us, but that’s what happens when Mommy isn’t feeling well! 
This is what I love most about summer. Lots of time spent just loving on one another!

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