Week in Review: July 31 – August 4

Our New Schoolroom as been a big hit! The girls loved it and have told me repeatedly how much better it feels, less chaotic. I agree that it makes me very happy to just walk in! Now to make sure we keep it this neat…
Two of my girlies were working at their desks and the other was reading outside. They have been able to focus well with the new arrangement and Rose especially likes our setup. 
This week Rose worked on more Pre-Algebra work, Grace is almost finished with 2nd grade math, and Beth is working on some Pre-Algebra. They are each reading a biography which will carry on into the school year. Just one chapter a day and they are enjoying it! This week they are reading about Daniel Boon (Rose), Helen Keller (Beth), and George Washington (Grace). They are also reading a literature book of their choice. After they finish their current novels I will be assigning one to them. 
We will be taking next week off as we enjoy a visit with my in-laws and getting new carpet. There may be a field trip later in the week. We’ll have to see! The following week we will be back to Heart of Dakota and our regular curriculum in full swing. Yay! We are already for our normal routine again!

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