Week in Review: August 7-11

Wow…this week has been soooooo full! And I don’t even feel like we accomplished much. I already hadn’t planned on doing school and I’m glad!
My in-laws arrived, we had church, celebrated Rose’s birthday early
We start to empty the living room in preparation for new carpet coming on Wednesday and my in-laws left
We celebrated Rose’s birthday for real (She is now 12!!!!) and finished emptying the living room. 
 I pack the girls up and we head out to the library and to shop while my husband stayed home to get the new carpet…and their van broke down so no new carpet!
New carpet (For REAL this time!) and the girls and I shopped again. Then we started putting things back. 



We finished putting the living room in order and my sweet neighbor came over and helped! Then my in-laws got here again. 
So I’m looking forward to some time this weekend to work on a major writing project. It’s a good feeling though because most of the house is now organized. I’ll also be prepping for next week and our official start of school! 
How was your week?

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