Week in Review: Week of August 14-18

We kicked off this week with our “official” back to school week! We have been continuing with school all summer, but this was more or less back to full schedule. We are waiting another week before starting with our Heart of Dakota studies because I have some group learning things I wanted to finish with the girls.

The girls said they loved our new schoolroom setup and it seemed to work really well for us.
I don’t have as many pictures because we had a few mornings where the girls stayed in their pjs really late! They worked on literature, grammar, spelling, and mathematics individually. We also had an inventors study we have been working through and we continued our study of the states. We moved down into the southern states. There were a lot more to cover and it may take more review than our previous regions! 

One new addition is consistent foreign language studies! A very dear friend blessed us with the Signing Time series. I am working it into the schedule a few times a week. The girls seem to be really excite about that. I’m also giving them DuoLingo time a few days a week. This is a great first exposure to foreign languages in a really safe and affordable venue. Finally Rose is studying Spanish with schoolhouseteachers.com (affiliate link). This again is a really nice, gentle way to study foreign language. I do not feel a need to push this intensely and have found the girls to be eager learners, enjoying their toe dips into various foreign languages.
That was our week! How as yours?

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