Week in Review: August 21-25

We have had a really good week. We are working on school, but I decided to still wait on starting our full Heart of Dakota schedule in favor of continuing our learning together. So we have pushed on with our state studies and are now half-way through! As we learn the states in each region the girls memorize their capitals and locations. We learn other info too, but that is all I’m asking them to recall. So far they are doing a spectacular job on the quizzes I give them! We are moving on into the Great-Lakes region and the mid-western states next week.

Monday we of course had fun with the Eclipse! My husband and I enjoyed it the most. We were in a region with 93% totality and it was still amazing. The girls wandered in and out to view it, but my husband and I stayed outside most of the time. Rose (my oldest) snapped a couple shots with my camera because she knows I rarely get in them! This next picture of the girls watching cracks me up. I have no clue what Grace was looking at and she was indeed wearing her eclipse glasses!

 We have also been heavily focused on art! We a have had the opportunity to work with a good friend of mine who has created a spectacular historical art program. Take Time for Art is phenomenal in content and fun or all of us! Take some time to check out their website when you have the chance and be on the lookout for a full review from me in the coming weeks!

I also started teaching my full piano schedule again. There are 34 students on my roster this year including my own three girls and two nieces and a nephew I teach via Skype. I cannot say enough what a blessing it is to have this small business out of my home!

We ended our week with some fun! My husband’s birthday is this weekend so he decided it would be fun to do a mini-golf outing together. It was so much fun and we were blessed with a significantly cooler day than we’ve had in weeks!

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