Brinkman Adventures Season 4 from Brinkman Adventures: A TOS Crew Review

Brinkman Adventures  Our girls love to listen to audio drama. They almost always listen to one when they go to bed at night and many times in the car, even on short drives. We just pickup where we were the next time we hop into the car. They will even choose to listen to wonderful audios during their free time. We have never heard any of the Brinkman Adventures but they were so excited to have a new series and thoroughly enjoyed listening to Brinkman Adventures Season 4!
 Brinkman Adventures  These modern, and true, missionary stories are brought to life through the Brinkman family. The family approaches life with a biblical worldview. It is always nice when a source of entertainment will reflect our own family’s worldview. My younger two girls especially enjoyed their adventures. Beth, age 10, wanted to listen to them over and over!  

Twelve episodes are included in this season. The girls listened to all of them within just a couple of days! There are a variety of mission fields represented and also a variety of types of mission work. The girls liked the story, “Remember Nhu,” which dealt with child slavery in Cambodia. I very much appreciated that while the story highlighted a wonderful ministry to help girls escape from sexual slavery, the story only referred to the horrors as “slavery.” My girls are not aware of this particular evil in he world and I liked that they were able to experience this story of redemption and hope without having to bear the weight of the atrocities of child sex slavery.

While the girls often listened at  bedtime, we also enjoyed them in the car! One of my favorite episodes was “The War of the Racoons.” While this particular show was not based on an actual situation it was quite humorous and kept us laughing! I also liked the way the story portrayed repentance and restoration. There were also some interesting themes about marriage and relationships. While we are not in that season with our girls yet, it was nice to have a more biblical viewpoint on relationships presented as opposed to what the world presents.  

 The episodes are about twenty-five minutes long. This is a great length for trips around town. We usually are able to listen to one on the way to and from wherever we are running our errands. It was the perfect length for a one-way trip to their science class on Wednesday mornings! The girls really enjoyed these stories. They have asked if we can listen to more. In addition to the Brinkman Adventures there is another series called The Time Chroniclers which looks intriguing!  Don’t forget to check out what my Crewmates have to say! Brinkman Adventures Season 4Crew Disclaimer

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