Peek at Our Week: January 15-19

So the virus that hit our house last week made its way through the rest of the family. I’m the last one down and have no voice at this point. I am starting to feel better, but having the entire household sick means we didn’t get much work done this week.  Rose finished up the work from the previous week she didn’t get a chance to complete because she was sick. Beth came down sick on Monday, so she had the week off like her sisters did the previous week. Grace did little bits of learning here and there, but it was pretty much just independent whatever she felt like.
We also got a beautiful and rare snowfall! Eleven inches is a big deal in the south. Unfortunately the girls didn’t get to play in it as much as normal because of being sick. 
 Buckets out in preparation of making snow cream! We also tried to make maple candy like Laura Ingalls did, but that didn’t work out so well. I’ll have to read up more on how to make that happen.
 Once their coughs calmed down a bit, I let them hang out on the porch long enough to build a little snow buddy. 
Take a look at what my Crewmates have been up to this week!

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