Books I and II in the Remnant Trilogy: A New Leaf Publishing Group Review

I love reading a good book. The written word captures my imagination and draws me into new worlds like nothing else! These days my free-time is limited, so when I read I only want to read quality literature that is also going to be edifying. I also love historical fiction, but didn’t really delve into biblical literature until the last year or so. I have found that I really love it! 

I was very excited to have the chance to review the first two novels in the Remnant Trilogy by Tim Chaffey & K. Marie Adams and published by New Leaf Publishing Group. Everything I’ve read from New Leaf Publishing previously has been nonfiction in nature. The writing is always engaging and keeps my interest and I was excited to give these fiction reads a try. I am pleased to say I was definitely not disappointed! I was captivated from the start and am greatly anticipating the third in this series!

You might wonder, as I did, how in the world could there be enough about the life of Noah to require three entire books! There are only a few short chapters in the Old Testament and a handful of verses in the New concerning this man of God in Scripture. I was warily curious initially. I have read plenty of historical fiction which took way too many liberties with the facts. This irritates me to no end! I’m fine with a little creative license to fill in the gaps, but not at the expense of historical facts. I am pleased to say these novels do nothing that contradicts Scripture. Don’t get me wrong, the authors absolutely take creative license, but in a beautifully artistic way that does not take away from the Word of God. It was really fun to imagine along with the authors what Noah’s life may have been like, what his relationship with his parents or siblings may have been, more details about the society. It was so much fun to imagine the possibilities! I don’t want to give away the stories, but if you like biblical fiction you will really enjoy these reads! 
In addition to a really great story-line there are some other features of these books you won’t want to miss. There are several sections at the end of the novel that provide further information I found completely fascinating. The first is a section intended to answer questions which you may have as you read the novel. They are focused on the apologetic side of faith and they are very well explained. This could provide some wonderful discussion for a book club. 
Because the novel intentionally breaks stereotypes many believers have about Noah which aren’t actually grounded in Scripture, the next section is very helpful in detailing what is found in Scripture. To be honest, there isn’t that much concerning the life and times of Noah in the Bible so having this factual list really helps clear some of that up, showing where the authors greatly used their imaginations. 
The final section is incredibly fascinating if you have had or plan to have the opportunity to visit the Ark Encounter! There is a fabulous list of details found in the novel which you can see in the various exhibits on the Ark. We had the opportunity to visit the Ark Encounter in May. It was an incredible experience. Reading this novel makes me want to go back and take it with me to find all of these elements! 
You won’t be disappointed by this novel. I also would encourage middle school and high school students to read this as well. This would make an excellent read alongside your studies in apologetics! 
Disclaimer: I received digital copies of Books I and II in The Remnant Trilogy from New Leap Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

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