Week in Review: January 29 – February 2

I’m pleased to say we are healthy and back on schedule! It’s such a relief for us all to be back to normal. Although I can’t say the same for the rest of our city. People are dropping like flies from 2 strains of flu, strep throat, stomach virus, and I don’t know what else! We were so focused on getting work done this week I forgot to take pictures. This is a rare photo op to be honest. The girls are rarely all working on the same subject and usually scattered throughout the house. All three were working on math here and decided to sit at their desks. Homeschooling is so beautiful in allowing them the opportunity to work comfortably! And now on to our studies…
Rose (7th Grade): Revival to Revolution Unit 7
 Rose has loved learning about the Revolutionary period of American history. As a supplement to our regular studies she has enjoyed watching several episodes of Drive Thru History available with our SchoolhouseTeachers.com membership. I love having extra resources. All of us are watching the episodes. My husband and I especially enjoy them. We like watching documentaries, but it’s hard to know if we are viewing something factually trustworthy or with more of an agenda we don’t care to view. Drive Thru History appeals to our whole family because it’s not simplified, the girls understand it, and its both historically accurate and looks at history through a biblical world-view. 
Rose has also been reading Anne of Green Gables and very much enjoys it! This makes me happy because Lucy Maud Montgomery is my favorite classic author. We are planning to watch the mini series soon.
Beth (5th Grade): Creation to Christ Unit 21
Beth is moving right along with ease now in her studies. She likes learning about the Roman cultures and we too have had the opportunity to use Drive Thru History. We started with the Greek culture because she has finished studying this portion of history already. I’m so pleased to see her handwriting improving on her notebooking pages. Starting in 4th grade I require the girls to write (except spelling) in cursive. It’s taken some time for her to adjust to this but now writes with ease. I like reading her thoughts on her reading. 

She is currently reading an abridge version of Tom Sawyer. I want my girls to know the classic stories and give them exposure to this when possible, but still protect their innocent minds as much as possible. I realize this cannot happen 100% in our world, but that means my husband and I have chosen to not intentionally expose them to literature which contains words we would not permit them to say be it cursing or use of the God’s name in an unholy way. Not everyone abides by this and I am in no way advocating you should also take this course. What I do encourage you to do is make an intentional choice, know what the actual content of a book is before handing it to your children, and have very open conversations about that content. I don’t shy away from uncomfortable topics, just language which we would not deem acceptable. This will probably change as the kids grow older, but it does not seem necessary at this point.

Grace (2nd Grade): Bigger Hearts for His Glory Unit 14
Grace is also studying the American Revolution. It’s a very different feeling than how Rose is studying, however. It’s much less detailed and less intense at her age. She also enjoys the Drive Thru History episodes we have watched. She is very quick to say, “Mommy! That was in one of my books we read!” She has shifted back to asking me to read her history aloud to her which is always fun. When I was sick she happily read on her own, but I like having that time to discuss what she is reading, especially why I may change the wording of things like “Indians” to tribal nations/Native Americans or “whites” to colonists or settlers. 

Grace is currently reading another novel by Laura Ingalls Wilder by her own request. All of the girls ready Little House in the Big Woods first although Grace had the benefit of a couple of early reader chapter books we had acquired. She really enjoyed these stories and has wanted to continue through the series. Right now she is reading On the Banks of Plum Creek.

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