Week in Review: February 5-9

We had a pretty good week. Nothing super exciting except…

Free-Learning Friday
Yes, we may have caught Olympic Fever in this house which is much preferable to the flu we caught a few weeks ago! Starting Thursday we have been spending a lot of time watching the Olympic games. We have completed unit studies in the past, but this year we are opting to just keep on with our regular studies, enjoy the Olympics, and do research about the sports or countries when questions arise. Here are some of the questions the girls have had:

1. What does OAR mean? and Why do those people not have a country flag?

This question was coupled with This led to a really good discussion about drug use in athletics and cheating. We didn’t go into excessive details, but enough for them to know some people take drugs to try and be better athletes and not only is it illegal, it is harmful to their bodies. So we explained a little bit about what happened with Russia in the Summer Olympics and then a little bit about the consequences. We were all happy to see the atheletes had a way to compete even if they couldn’t do so under the Russian flag.
2. How do they score curling? 
I’m not sure I understand this yet! Still, we have really enjoyed watching the Hamiltons, the brother and sister mixed-doubles team. 
3. Where is ___________ ?
This has been asked A LOT. So we pull out a map and look up the countries. 
4. Who do we want to win?
This was from my 8-year-old, Grace. When we explained we were rooting for team USA, she said, “Why don’t we want Florida to win?” Oh how we giggled! I have to admit when we lived in Florida there were times I felt like I was in a foreign country because of the balmy winter weather. 
So that was our free-learning Friday and will be until the Olympics are over I think. Now onto what we did the rest of the week! 
 Rose (7th Grade): Revival to Revolution Unit 8
 Rose is really getting into history this year with the focus on the Revolutionary period. So much so that she is taking some time on her own to do more research sometimes. She was excited to make the stained-glass inspired water color this week. It’s not quite done yet, but she first drew it and then painted it over the course of a day. You can see her tablet set out. She opted to listen to the history recordings for the day while she painted. Ever my multi-tasker!
Beth (5th Grade): Creation to Christ Unit 22
Beth is working on long division these days…and she doesn’t mind! She gets frustrated when she makes little errors. She is convinced she has done it all correctly and finding errors really bothers her. This isn’t a bad thing really. She doesn’t let it bother her long and it usually helps her focus more clearly for the rest of her work. 
She enjoys her history, but I think she will have more fun next year. Ancient history has never been a favorite of any of my girls. They enjoy learning the biblical aspects, but some of the other stuff gets kind of dull to them. Honestly, it does to me too. I’m glad we deep into Jesus’ ministry on earth as we both find this much more interesting!

Grace (2nd Grade): Bigger Hearts for His Glory Unit 15
I wanted to use this fun photo of my girl doing her thing at Upwards! She loves cheering and her coach I enjoy watching her branch out and try new things! We really like the Upwards program and how it teaches sports.

We also like there they take the time to share about faith in Christ. This is Grace and one of her good buddies on the cheer squad. Her mom and I have gotten to be good friends too. They have cheered together for two seasons now and hopefully will again next year!

As far as school, Grace was her typical happy, bouncy self all week. She also wrote her own grammar lesson for her sisters to complete and is enjoying a typing program we are reviewing. She enjoys the history readings we do and especially loves vocabulary! The words always come from our readings for the week and its never a problem completing them. Her older sisters never loved this part of their studies in this guide. It’s fun to see how her different personality and interests motivates her learning in a different way.

How was your week? See what my Review Crew Crewmates have been up to!

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