Odyssey Adventure Club: Why You Should Join!

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1. It’s great for road trips!
Since you can download episodes to the app you don’t even need wifi! It also entertains those who may get car sick and can’t handle doing much while traveling.

2. You can binge listen to your favorite story arcs! 

We love listening to the Blackguard and Novacom story arcs. The Green Ring Conspiracy is another close favorite! 

3. Saves space! 
Collecting the entire Adventures in Odyssey collection is a worthy goal, but boy the space those CDs would take. This is instant gratification at its best and no extra space required. 

4. Your kids will adore you! 
We gave our nieces and nephews a subscription for Christmas and they were jumping up and down with joy! They were so excited to have the opportunity to listen to any episode they wanted. 
5. Everyone can listen to something different!
Our kids don’t have to take turns picking a favorite episode anymore. They can each listen to their favorites on different devices. 

6. Soundtracks!!!
I’m a huge fan of soundtrack music and now the soundtrack to many of the episodes are available through the app. 

7. Excellent bedtime routine! 
Our girls listen every night while falling asleep. It’s a great way to start the night off right. 

8. Easy to search! 
We often use the search function to find a particular episode we want to find quickly. 

9. Holiday themes! 
Some of our favorite holiday traditions throughout the year are to find the corresponding Adventures in Odyssey episodes. We love the ones for St. Patrick’s Day, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, and of course the many Christmas episodes. 
10. Historical Episodes! 
From Adam and Eve to American History you can find lots of historical episodes. This is great for homeschoolers when you are studying a particular time in history. 
What are some other great reasons to join? 
Comment below! 
Disclaimer: I received a subscription to The Odyssey Adventure Club in exchange for promoting on my blog and on social media. 

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