Peek at our Week: March 12-16

We will be taking next week off for our spring break and I believe knowing that caused for great diligence in school this week. I hope we will be taking some fun field trips close to home but mostly just taking a break from our normal.

Grace (2nd Grade): Bigger Hearts for His Glory Unit 19

This week Grace studied more about the westward exploration of the United States and looked at some of the western geography. She’s continuing to dive into multiplication. When I let her choose her next literature book herself this week she picked the longest book we own, the first in the Epic Order of the Seven series. She’s heard wonderful things about it from her older sisters and I told her as long as it was something she wanted to read I was happy for her to do so. I love how Grace constantly challenges herself. 
We have had a very wet, cold winter. Grace enjoys being very active and it is good for her to have some time outside for a break most days. She hasn’t been able to enjoy this as much since Christmas. We are all looking forward to some warmer, drier weather hopefully coming our way soon! 

Beth (5th Grade): Creation to Christ Unit 26

Beth quietly settles into her work each day. She prefers to do all of her independent work first if possible. She seems to work best first thing in the morning. I will often get up and find she has been up for 30 minutes or more already hard at work. The time change has put a bit of a kink into her schedule however. I’m hoping the week of break will help us get a bit more settled into our sleeping patterns. I really struggle to adjust to the time change in the spring and always have. I think she is like me in that way. 

She asked me Thursday if she could switch her Bible study to something different. She had a study on prayer we started in the summer, but hadn’t yet finished. She told me how much she enjoyed it and really wanted to do that instead. I usually want the girls to follow the guide, but when any of the girls has an interest in a particular Bible study, I listen and will usually acquiesce. I’ve seen her grow so much in her faith over the last few months after her unexpected and unexplained illness last fall. My heart smiles when I see her excited about studying God’s Word on her own.
Rose (7th Grade): Revival to Revolution Unit 11

Rose’s studies this year have focused heavily on the revolutionary period so far. This week she learned about Daniel Boone and a little bit about Russia during that time period. She finds it all fascinating! She gets so excited to tell me what she is reading about. 

She is continuing on with All About Spelling. We are getting close to the end of level 5. This has been the greatest blessing to her! We are thrilled with the new app and use it exclusively for AAS lessons now. She is also learning both biblical Greek and Spanish this year by her choice on the side. She asked for lessons in both. We are using Hey Andrew for Greek and SchoolhouseTeachers for Spanish. Both are excellent programs and a great way for her to test the waters with these languages.

 How was your week?
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