Mifold – The Grab and Go Booster: My Peronal Review

In just about any mommy group, whether online or in person, conversations about car seat safety will inevitably occur. Not only will they come up in conversation, you will find people are very passionate about the subject. There is good reason as even just this week I read about a horrible tragedy involving a toddler in a car accident. The fact remains that no matter how careful of a driver you may be, you cannot control the other drivers around you. While this is not new information, the addition of a variety of distractions while driving in recent years, most notably cell phones, has given increased passion to the idea of safety.

It has always been in the back of my mind for a very good reason: My grandparents perished in an accident when I was very young as a result of a driver running a stop sign. 

The reality of danger while driving is very real to our family. We have done our best to follow every rule required for car seat safety. We want to abide by these laws at minimum, but I have also felt my youngest daughter, although of age, is not of a size to be safe when restrained only by a safety belt without a booster. We were quite excited to tryout the Mifold because of its size, portability, and comfort! 

 You may have first heard about this on social media like I did. I was intrigued by the idea of something so easy to use. Not only was it even easier than I imagined, Grace is able to set it up all by herself! She was excited to make a “how to” video for you to see! 

Grace is 8, and when asked how she feels about her new booster, she absolutely loves it! She says it feels better on her legs where her traditional booster would tend to make them fall asleep because of where they landed. I’ve also noticed she can buckle more easily. She is tall for her age and the traditional boosters would tend to tip as she leaned over to buckle or it was too bulky for her to reach. Quite often her sisters or I would need to finish buckling for her. In addition after just a little bit of instruction and practice she is able to install the seat completely by herself in under 90 seconds. We typically keep this in the car, but if we needed to move it to another it would be super easy.

Here are the steps for installation…they couldn’t be easier! 
1. Turn your Mifold upside down to adjust the width of the seat for maximum comfort.

You don’t have to turn it upside down, but Grace felt this was easier for her to manage. She tried it in a few different slots and found what was most comfortable. Because of how easy this is you can use the same Mifold for all different sizes of kids! 

2. Slip the belt into the left side of the Mifold.

You can see the little hook there. This took some practice for her to be able to do quickly, but this is a good thing because it means the belt won’t slip out easily. 

3. Make sure the back is folded up.

It is a little hard to see here, but the back of the seat should fold up to be like a seat-back. It is easier to make this happen once your child sits in the seat. 

4. Clip the back strap above the seat-belt buckle on the shoulder belt.

This is sturdy! My biggest concern with the Mifold was whether it would be sturdy. This is some of the best plastic I’ve ever seen a product made of. Not only that, it clips tightly and does not allow for loosening which is a big part of the safety factor. 

6. Once sitting, pull the lap-belt over your child’s lap and slip into the right side of the Mifold.
Again, this took a little practice. If the adult is placing the belt it shouldn’t be difficult at all. 
7. Buckle the seat-belt.

Again, this has become so much easier for my girl. She no longer struggles to buckle and is, in my opinion, just as safe! 

8. Enjoy your road trip safely!
Hopefully you will be like most families and never find yourself in a significant car accident event. With the Mifold your child can be safer whether riding with you or another family since it can easily transfer from car to car and even fit into a back-pack for car pooling. 

The best news is you can now find the Mifold in Target stores nationwide! You can also still order online, but the convenience of having it in a store is so appealing to me. I like seeing things in hand when it comes to a product like the Mifold.

Disclaimer: I received the Mifold in exchange for my honest review and opinion. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

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