Week in Review: March 26-30

Our week was lighter than usual school-wise. The girls read literature, biographies, and completed math each day. Wednesday was their science class and we were planning to have our Passover on Thursday, but some other things came up so we postponed that until Friday. Friday night was our Good Friday celebration at church. I love hearing my husband preach. I learn so much under his teaching. 
So my kids aren’t as miserable as they look here! They are listening to my husband guiding us through the Passover symbols.
Besides that, we mostly just enjoyed some beautiful warm weather! After no less than three snowfalls in March it was nice to have some t-shirt weather. I know that is probably normal for most of you, but for us in the South this is completely out of the ordinary. It was just really cold and wet and miserable. Yay for warmer air! 

We also took advantage of the closing of Toys R Us and the girls spent some of their savings. Rose bought a build-your-own drone kit and has had so much fun with it! I had a friend ask if this was for school or fun. Well, I definitely didn’t assign this as a project, but this hands-on learning opportunity was incredible!

So that was a bit of our unconventional week of learning! We will be back to our normal learning routine Monday. How was your week?
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2 thoughts on “Week in Review: March 26-30”

  1. We didn't have much school time this week, we spent a lot of time enjoying the warmer weather and getting out to visit places we haven't seen. Looked for signs of spring. Today it is back to the colder weather and snow. The drone looks like it was fun to build and play with! Happy Easter.


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