Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures: A TOS Crew Review

Watchman Pictures

Family friendly films are sometimes hard to find. I’m excited to see a resurgence of this genre in theaters and on the small screen. We are extremely cautious about what our daughters watch. This is not only because of the language and violence, which is an extreme problem. We are also concerned about how women and love are portrayed in fictional stories. We watch very little live tv and when we do we often turn the tv off during commercials because even they objectify women and promote a value system completely opposite from our own.

I was interested in the opportunity we had to view Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures. The premise definitely intrigued me.

Princess Cut The Movie 

The story opens with a young girl, Grace, looking for love in all the wrong places. While many well-known love stories start this way, this one goes a completely different route from most mainstream films. Grace begins a new relationship which concerns her parents. She is given advice from sources which are completely opposite from her parents who are striving to raise their children with a biblical worldview. After this advice goes badly, she finally talks to her parents who give some guidance about growing close to the Lord rather than just seeking someone to marry.

I thought her love interest would be someone completely different than it turned out to be. I actually kind of liked the guy she started to date at the beginning. He was not portrayed as creepy or weird until Grace turned down his physical advances. I’m glad the movie took this approach. Usually you don’t like the guy you aren’t supposed to from the start. This really shows that you must be discerning and listen to wise council. Just because a guy seems nice doesn’t mean he is! I want my girls to be discerning so they are not manipulated in their future relationships.

I like that the idea of faith plated a pivotal role. Still, this is not a preachy film. There were minimal references to Scripture, but biblical themes still ran throughout. I’m a Christian and very serious about my faith, but “preachy” films annoy me.

While I really did love the message and themes presented throughout this movie, the plot felt pretty slow. Some of the conversations and wording in extremely serious moments felt forced and unnatural. Grace’s character was very genuine and I liked her very much, as well as her youngest brother who provided some fun light comedic moments. One funny spot was when he places an ad in the newspaper to get his sister a guy and all sorts of weirdos show up!

It would be a great family movie night if your kids are a little older. If they are still in the cartoon phase most of the time they probably won’t really be into it though. I believe my 12 and 10-year-old would like this one, but probably not my youngest who is eight. 
Check out the trailer!
My final assessment is it is definitely worth checking this out if you are a fan of faith-based films!

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