Adventures in Odyssey Club: Did You Know?

One of the features of the B-TV Episodes was called Did You Know? The girls always thought this was particularly interesting and fun parts of the episode so I thought I’d do my own Did You Know? feature about the Adventure Club!
Did You Know…

 You will have access to over 800 episodes on demand? 

In addition to all of the Adventures in Odyssey dramas there are also featured podcasts, episodes of The Last Chance Detectives, Radio Theater episodes, and loads of behind-the scenes content!

Did You Know…

 You will receive a subscription to Clubhouse Magazine?  

My girls have loved this magazine! It’s family-friendly content has been around a while, but stays relevant to today’s generation. There are also tons of Adventures in Odyssey features for the avid fan!
Did You Know…

 You will have access to all of the Adventures in Odyssey Cartoons?

These were first released in the 90s by Focus on the Family. We have had a lot of fun watching them with the girls and access to these has been a great way to up our AIO knowledge, especially when we play Answer That!, a trivia board game we bought several years ago.  
Did You Know…

You can read Devotions for you and your family to enjoy every day?
Each devotion pairs with one of the episodes which can be easily accessed right with there! Along with a Scripture to read and discussion questions you will really spice up your family devotion time.  
Did You Know…

You will be the first to hear the newest episodes before they air on the radio? 
 Whether you are anxiously awaiting the newest monthly Adventure Club episode or can’t wait for the newest set in the series, Club members are the first to hear it all!

We are such big fans of this series. My girls listen to 1-3 episodes every night. We make sure to have plenty of episodes loaded onto our phones before we leave on a trip and my husband even rigged up a way to plug our phone into the speaker system of the car since it’s old school without bluetooth. We discuss our favorite episodes and use them as springboards for hard talks we sometimes need to have. AIO is such a big part of our lives and the Adventure Club is an amazing way to integrate it wherever we are! 

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