Traditional Logic I Complete Set from Memoria Press: A TOS Crew Review

Memoria Press Memoria Press is well known throughout the homeschooling community for it’s high academic standards and quality teaching materials. We have utilized other titles from this company and I have found them to be rigorous and deep. While we do not follow a classical model for our educational endeavors I do find this a particularly useful style for certain subject areas. Rose had the opportunity to work through a portion of Traditional Logic I Complete Set as part of her coursework. This is a very new area for her and she dove in with gusto! Traditional Logic I Complete Set  Included with the set is an instructional DVD, a text book, a student workbook, a quizzes and tests booklet, and the teacher key with answers for the workbook, quizzes, and tests.This is quite a bit of material and the nice thing about the DVD is it takes me as the teacher out of the mix! I love being a facilitator of learning for my daughters. Sometimes it means I’m directly teaching, but in this case it just means providing the opportunity. This means my girl is learning how to learn on her own. Having a fully qualified teacher instruct my daughter in logic via DVD is definitely my preference for this particular discipline.  

After watching the DVD Rose worked through the workbook pages as she read the text. I like giving her the opportunity to do both at the same time as it teaches to read for information. This is completely new territory for Rose as she has not studied logic as such in our lessons prior to this course. She was surprised that she was learning how to argue! It provided and excellent opportunity to discuss this type of arguing verses being divisive. I told her what a benefit the use of classic logic based on Aristotelian teaching would be as she shares and defends her faith in the future. 

 Since this style of learning is very different for Rose I had her work a bit more slowly through the course. It is geared towards middle and high schoolers, but it is an intense course and I think best suited to high school or advanced middle school. We will definitely continue with this course and most likely the follow up as well. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a good course on logic!
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