Week in Review: July 1-7

We had quite a busy week! I had the girls work on school Monday and Tuesday because too much “off routine” leads to excessive amounts of bickering and generally driving me to Crazy Town! 

We had dinner with dear friends on Tuesday evening who live in Atlanta and were in town for the week. Wednesday was busy with celebrating with my parents and celebrating Beth’s 11th birthday! Her actual birthday is the 5th, but we often celebrate the day before. She was almost a little Yankee-Doodle baby, but held off for one more day. 

Thursday was more celebrating of Beth! This time with Blaze Pizza, presents from us, and a nail painting party using Beth’s new nail art kit. It’s bittersweet seeing the gifts we give our girls become more grown up. She still asks for and plays with toys, but her interests are shifting to more grown up things. 

Here are a few pictures of the week! 

No fireworks photos for this year…yet! It was rainy the evening of the 4th and we usually do the little stand on the ground ones in our driveway, but not this year. We have plans to enjoy them when we get to take a trip to FL to visit family.

How did you celebrate the 4th of July?

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