Week in review: July 9-13

Our relaxing summer has turned into a whirlwind of traveling! It’s good, but a week or two home and then  week away wears on me a little. Still I wouldn’t trade it. We have the wonderful opportunity last minute to visit with my in-laws. Because my husband’s grandmother has Alzheimer’s and his parents are her primary caretakers we did not think we were going to make it to Florida. I’m so grateful we have this chance to spend with them coming up very soon! 

Because of our upcoming trip we took this week pretty easy. 
We spent some times at our neighborhood park…

…started watching one of my favorite series, Road to Avonlea
…and prepped for our trip! The girls opted for a screen-free ride on their own so I gathered up a bunch of trivia (Bible, Disney, Adventures in Odyssey, etc.) and some other games, printed some fun travel games (bingo and license plates), and packed our Adventures in Odyssey for listening. The best part was that no one got car sick! 

So no school this week…are you schooling, or are you on break?

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