Week in Review: July 16-20 (Vacation!)

Our week was full of fun in the sun in Florida! We had a last minute opportunity to visit with my in-laws. They are the primary care-givers to my husband’s Gram who has Alzheimer’s. It is difficult for company to come when she is with them, but several of my husband’s aunts took over for a week so we could come visit and help get a few things more functional for Gram to live with them. But it wasn’t all work and no play! We had a great time! 

The main project was enlarging the patio into a level area and adding a ramp so Gram can be taken in her wheelchair outside.You can see in the below picture the original concreted area in front of the door. This will hopefully be a big blessing she and my mother-in-law can enjoy!

  Finished result! 

Some other projects included moving her bed into the living room for easier access in and out. That happened after we left because were sleeping in her bed for the week. 

We love playing games when we get together! This is Bid-a-Trick. We learned a new game called Azul that we are excited to purchase for ourselves!

The kids had fun in Grampy and Grammy’s backyard pool. 

We also went to a really fun local water park. It isn’t huge, but the kids had fun on the slides and loved this waterfall area…especially Grace! 

Since it rained here on July 4th we brought our fireworks and enjoyed them with the rest of the family. 

It was a great week away and we were so glad we had to chance to be of some help since we can’t do very much most of the time. We throughout the day for Gram and my in-laws as they care for her. Their sacrifice and love are such a testimony to everyone who knows them.

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