Smart Kidz Radio from Smart Kidz Media: A TOS Crew Review

Smart Kidz Radio   Safe media content is sometimes hard to find for kids. We live in a media-saturated society, but more often than not the available music and video reflect the opposite of our family’s moral values. Parents are ridiculed and made to look unintelligent or at least out of touch and misbehavior goes without consequence. We recently watched a new popular animated movie and were shocked that there were curse words including the use of God’s name multiple times. It is hard to feel the need to say, “No,” to so much of what is available for kids that it is refreshing when we have the chance to say, “Yes!” with excitement. Smart Kidz Radio from Smart Kidz Media is something we can definitely give a thumbs up! 
Smart Kidz Radio  All of the content I heard from this station was 100% safe. It is non-religious, but I did not find anything objectionable or that went against anything in Scripture. I was surprised to hear a section which focused on gender. I was honestly a little skeptical at first, but was pleased that this too reflected our belief that girls are girls and boys are boys. While they can have interests that converge and cross over “traditionally” accepted ideas (girls cook, boys fix things, etc.) it does not change who they are fundamentally. The streaming content is arranged with topics. It is introduced with a short narration and followed with songs along the same theme as the narration. Much of the content was geared towards character education, promoting positive messages and encouraging thoughtful consideration about how to treat others and keeping a positive self-image. I was very pleased that there was a short section about how to view parents. The gist of the segment was that parents aren’t perfect, but they love you and you should always be respectful. This is definitely a different message than what is sent in most media geared towards kids currently. 
Smart Kidz Radio There are a wide variety of music styles, but I felt like the overall it was best suited towards preschool and early elementary. My girls liked the stories which can be accessed in the podcast section the most. They were short and fun versions of some stories they were already familiar with and some which were new to them. I am looking forward to the on-demand programming that will be available soon. Being able to choose the specific content would be helpful when wanting to address a particular subject. I think they would really enjoy the Christmas classics on demand and the bedtime songs as well as some of the Bible stories.
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