Week in Review: July 23-27

See how tanned my girlies are? (Well, not the puppy!) They are tanned and tired after our week in Florida, so we did some schooling-lite… reading, math, historical biographies…and video schooling! One of my favorite tools this year has been using our Ruko device to access some great educational programming. We stream from a variety of apps as well as with my husband’s Chrome Book so we can access the videos on SchoolhouseTeachers! It’s a great way to supplement learning, especially when the summer afternoons are so hot and everyone is feeling just sort of drab. 

I also taught Grace how to play the game Carcassonne. She loves new games. Rose found my to-do list one day and added “Play Games with the girls” to the bottom of it. Sometimes I need a little reminder to have some fun and just relax. These three sweeties are good to remind me! 
My girls will be spending this coming week with my parents and they are really excited! 
How was your week? 

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