Building my Confidence: My Year-Long Journey to Understanding and Appreciating Mathematics!

I’m starting here with Exploring The World of Mathematics from Master Books. As I read a chapter I’m then reading through the corresponding mathematical concepts in this book: 

Next I’m reviewing concepts through practice using the Green & Gold series from Math Mammoth and some concepts from the Real-Life Math series.
The final aspect of my plan is to read through a series of books by Dankia McKellar. They were written for middle schoolers and I’ll be honest I’m not a fan of all the titles or the constant references to boys, dating, being “sexy” and pop culture. STILL, her writing style is easy for me to follow and they have been very helpful for review! I’m not intending to have my daughters read them simply because they present a worldview contrary to what we want for them. I wish there was something like this that didn’t include the need to do this. So I am NOT recommending them for your daughters, but I AM recommending them for YOU if you need a more down-to-earth way to review mathematical concepts. Our local library had all 4 available. 
Do you have any resources you want to recommend to me? I’d love to hear about them! 

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