Field Trip: Old Salem

We had a fantastic visit to Old Salem on Museum Day

Grace and Beth planned where to go using the map. The girls had a scavenger hunt and had fun searching for the answers!  

 Daddy tried out a colonial method of sawing! HARD work! 

Each of the girl shad a turn helping turn a table leg. The interactive nature of our visit was a superb experience for them!
 I loved seeing some of the fall decorations! 

The girls adored getting to try their hand at quilting! They would have stayed here for hours I think. I will have to get some hand-sewing projects up and going around here for them! 
The old well pump is beautiful!  They had fun pumping the water and even trying a taste! 

The pottery house was so beautiful! The craftsman there was so kind and involved the kids in his teaching! 

The replica microscopes were so neat! The girls had fun exploring at the doctor’s house. 

 The upstairs of the boys’ schoolhouse provided a fantastic learning opportunity for music! My girls have seen the insides of our grand piano at church, but this model helped them see a little more closely how it worked. Oh how I would love to have this for my piano students!

I told my family I couldn’t leave without seeing the giant coffee pot! I adore funny unique things and giant tin coffee pots certainly make the list! 

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