Week in Review: September 24-28

This week was full of focused work. The girls are getting used to heavier work loads and I’m trying to figure out what extras to throw in. With their diverse interests I’m wanting to let them explore more on their own. 

This week was also a little stressful. One of my girls is struggling with what we think may be an autoimmune disease, but we cannot pinpoint which one. A hospitalization last year started this process. While I’m not excited she is exhibiting new symptoms, I am hopeful as we slowly…oh so slowly…slog through this process. Through it all trying to keep things as normal as possible. So these sweetly normal photos mean a lot to me. Our days really are running smoothly, but in the background I am watchfully trying to pinpoint what is going on with the one. We have a fantastic pediatrician who encourages me to research, answers questions, and is looking for answers with me. The Lord has provided her at the perfect time. 
We also had a fun family photo shoot you can take a look at if you click on the picture below! 

What were you up to this week? 

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