Bedtime routine with Adventures in Odyssey!

This is what our evening routine goes like these days starting at about 8:00…

1. Me tell everyone to get ready for bed, meaning reminders of brushing teeth, getting water, cleaning up any toys or “thing” left out. (Time: Unknown!)

2. Bible Time (10-15 minutes)

3. Learn a few French words or phrases (10-20 minutes)

4. Answer how many Adventures in Odyssey they are allowed to listen to!

This last depends upon how long 1 through 3 takes! 

We used to listen to the CDs because we have collected every set from the beginning. Our collection started when Rose was just a baby and we happened upon a Christian bookstore going out of business. Everything was 50% off, they gave my husband his 15% off pastor’s discount, and when we got home and opened them most of them had a $3 rebate inside! WOW! Over the next few years we pieced in the few sets we didn’t have and then added as new ones were released. 

We still intend to add to our CD collection, but having the club is so easy! It also saves storage space and doesn’t risk damaging the CDs. We have had at least one break due to typical toddler antics several years ago. 

The girls take one of their tablets to their rooms and take turns picking out episodes. Sometimes they listen through series like The Blackguard Chronicles, The Green Ring Conspiracy, or Novacom. Other times they just pick out their favorites. It’s a great way for them to wind down and get settled into bed. It’s also a good incentive knowing if they move quickly to prepare for bed they will possibly have the chance to listen to a few more episodes. 

Rose, my oldest daughter, discovered the soundtracks to the club recently and really enjoyed them! I have always loved the music composed by the sound designers and this was a really neat discovery she showed me. There are some really neat other features in the Adventure Club I’m going to blog about over the coming weeks. You won’t want to miss seeing all the app has in store! Access to all the episodes is fantastic, and the bonuses are just icing on the cake! 

Also, be on the lookout for our review of the first book in the new, Young Whit series!!!! We are soooooo over-the-moon for this series! 

Disclaimer: In exchange for promoting The Adventures in Odyssey Club I receive a membership to The Adventures in Odyssey Club. I am not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own. 

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