Week in Review: October 22-26

Well we were back at school, but a lighter version of it. We took last week off from school and this week eased back into things. I’m learning we need some weeks like this, especially since we are ahead of things! Generally that means we complete literature, math, and read biographies for history content. This week we worked through some more Take Time for Art projects and the girls also still attended their science class so the only difference is the intensity of how much we do. My girls are bright and I like to challenge them, but this only benefits if they also have some down time. Their brains work better this way! 

What I found happened was even though I didn’t assign more work, they chose to do some other things on their own. I found my girls playing games together than increased strategy and math skills, working on their novels, creating more art, and just playing like sweet little girls should have the time to do! 

Then we enjoyed some time with my nieces and nephews later in the week. I sure do love these kids! Our church had a fall festival on Saturday too which was a great way for our church to show love to our community. We had some great conversations with people and saw how the Lord is using this fun event to build His Kingdom!

I manned the slide all day and I’m happy to report there are no injuries! Well, except for my voice. You have to be a bit loud to make sure the kids listen and stay safe! 

What were you up to this week? 

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