Week in Review: April 1-5

We had school this week, but was an unusual week. My husband’s Gram went to be with her Savior on Saturday, March 30. We loved her dearly and will miss her, but am so glad she is no longer suffering on this earth. So this week was partially school and partially getting ready to leave for Florida for her memorial service. There were many arrangements and things to get done ahead of time, so no school pictures. The girls completed their Heart of Dakota history portions of their guides and math each day to stay on track. 

“A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.” – Charles Spurgeon

I spent some time getting some pictures ready for the family of Gram. She was such a faithful example of a Christ follower. Her Bible is falling apart to the point we cannot even read some of the passages. She had it since she was in college and has written all in it. Many are notes from sermons and personal times with the Lord, but much is also her own personal journaling with personal notes and memories included. We celebrated her life, cried, laughed, and spent time with family. It was emotionally exhausting, but a time of good memories. 
Here are some pictures from her life. She faithfully raised 5 kids in the Lord and passed on the heritage of faith for generations. 

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