Adventures in Odyssey Club: Camp Adventure!

Last year I was Grace’s counselor at camp and one of the things my co-counselor and I did as a fun treat a couple of nights was listen to Adventures in Odyssey! Since we have the Adventures in Odyssey Club it’s easy to take anywhere with you, even camp! Wifi and cell service there is pretty spotty, so I was really glad we have the opportunity to download episodes! This year I led worship for the elementary campers which meant I wasn’t in the same cabin as Grace. Instead we opted to make little goodie bags with some awesome stuff the folks at Adventures in Odyssey sent our way! 

Each of the goodie bags included a signed poster, a frisbee, and this really awesome post-camp devotion! We also made sure to include information on how to sign up for the free trial of the Adventures in Odyssey Club. Several of the girls were familiar with this wonderful radio drama, but not all were. 

Before we left for camp Grace created the goodie bags. It was a neat way for her to go ahead and start thinking about her new friends and how much fun they would have worshiping and having fun. 

These 10 precious girls and their 2 counselors had a wonderful time. Grace gave them their gifts on the last night of camp. She was especially excited to share her love of Adventures in Odyssey with her new friends. 

Make sure to share the adventure with your friends and family as well! 

Disclaimer: In exchange for promoting The Adventures in Odyssey Club I receive a membership to The Adventures in Odyssey Club. I am not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

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