Weekly Review: July 1-5

Well, besides STILL recuperating from being sick…my husband had to cancel youth group because he couldn’t talk and still felt so badly…we also celebrated Beth’s birthday and got ready to head to FL for a week with my in-laws! 

We all love watching Crikey! and Beth asked for a “zoo cake” for her birthday. I surprised her with an Australia Zoo cake! Playmobile has some awesome zoo sets. We already had several of these animals, but we got her pandas (which aren’t actually at the Australia zoo, but they are her favorite animal!) and the koala mommy and baby in the tree! 

 We left the next day for Florida to stay with my husband’s parents. It was a good trip down. We took our puppy, Penny, with us. She was spoiled rotten by three little girls in the back seat the whole time! She also wanted to peek up and see what the driver was doing! 

Check in next week to see all we did while we were there! 

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