Weekly Review: July 15-19

As soon as I got home from our trip to Florida I decided it was time to declutter! My girls say I do this every time I get home from vacation. I have no idea, but I charged right in! My husband took a nap on Sunday afternoon and a couple of hours later he awoke to this…

I know it looks like a crazy mess…it was! I basically took every book off of every shelf in every room downstairs so I could put my beautiful giant bookshelf in the living room. We got rid of soooooo many things. The girls were a huge help in this process. 

Due to all of the above, I spent most of the week rearranging, reorganizing, and de-cluttering. It felt so good! We are so blessed with people who know we homeschool giving us books. So many that we can’t really use all of them. I was able to donate 5 paper boxes full of beautiful books to our church yard sale to help raise money for camp next year! We also were able to replace a falling apart bookshelf with a new sturdy one and get some more shelves into the girls’ room for their book collections. 

 You know how you get into the middle of a project like this and suddenly think…WHAT was I thinking?!?!? I absolutely had that thought several times over the next several days! Now that I have an after photo, though, I remember it is all worth it! 

 This beautiful shelf was built by my husband’s grandfather. We love how well it fits in our living room! 

Several of the books on this shelf were my mom and dad’s Whitman’s Classic books. They are such treasures to me and I’m so happy to have them on our shelves now! I also love having a spot to show the Boyd’s Bears I have. The one in the middle was our wedding cake topper! 

There is still more to do, but it feels good to have at least this much done! Next week I’ll be getting the schoolroom shelves in order and labeled. Yay!

The best part of the week was finishing it off at the waterpark!

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