NEW Adventures In Odyssey Album: Adventures in Odyssey Club

Tomorrow is Tuesday…and that means a new episode from More than Meets the Eye (Album 67) drops into the club!!!! 

We are super excited to listen to this new album and because we have The Adventures in Odyssey Club we get to hear it first! If you want to be the first to hear the newest episodes sign up for a free trial and check it out! 

My girls love that they can each have the app on their tablets. Quite often when we are working on something, like the major purging and reorganizing of our bookshelves, it helps the time go by faster. They take turns picking out episodes and work while they listen. They do this in their rooms as well. 

In addition to the books and shelves, the girls also cleaned out their closets. Some of the episodes they like to listen to the most are the newest ones. They will listen to a new episode 3-4 times after its first aired! 

If you are looking for a faith-filled way to fill your children’s entertainment, look no further than the Adventures in Odyssey Club! It’s a great investment! 

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