Peek at Our Week: August 12-16

Back to school more regularly this week! We focused heavily on mathematics, literature, grammar, and spelling. It’s hard to just jump into everything, especially when we still have summer-time things happening. We will jump back into Heart of Dakota at the start of September. 

The end of the week was so much fun! We spent time at Kinetic Heights with our family. What an AMAZING experience! I highly recommend them if you are in the Charlotte, NC area. 

The ropes course was super fun and challenging! I’m a little afraid of heights, but persevered. I did not attempt the higher course, but Rose and her dad did. She loved it! 

After everyone had gone through the ropes course and moved on to other things Grace decided to give it a go again! She’s my super brave kid and she had fun trying different paths and pushed herself to do some new things! 

Beth is the one climbing up the wall here. She’s grown so very much over the last couple of years. She used to be terrified of a lot of things, one of them being heights and another falling and getting hurt. She flew through the ropes course like it was no big deal and she tried time after time to get up this wall. I don’t have an exact count, but I would guess it took her over 25 tries. This gal has developed grit and determination that is beautiful to behold. She did not give up and pushed herself to the limit! I don’t have a picture of the moment she made it up the wall…but you can see the video here!!! 

Since we were in the area we stayed overnight and had some fun at Carowinds. It was crazy hot, so we saw several of the shows we typically miss. Grace, my husband, and I thoroughly enjoyed Franklin’s Dance Party! My other two opted to watch and giggle at us! 

Franklin is one of my all-time favorite characters in the Peanuts series! I love his sensibility in the midst of everyone else’s overreactions. If you don’t know the history behind Franklin’s first appearance, check out this link. 

Of course Schroeder is right at the top too!
We’ve had a really busy few days. We’re all nursing some sore muscles and are quite tired so Sunday was a welcome reprieve. After church and then lunch we watched an episode Green Acres together. I spent a little time outside enjoying our hummingbird friends as well. I am constantly in awe at the beauty around us and the intricacies of creation the Lord has given us to enjoy. Even in a suburban little neighborhood I still see evidence of His handiwork all around me.

This feeder sits just outside our schoolroom window so the girls can enjoy the view during lessons in the mornings. 

There was our busy week! We have another one coming up with school, our 1st cross country meet, and another clogging trip in the mountains! 

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