Week in Review: August 26-30

We finished this week well! School is becoming routine again as are a few other habits like a daily and nightly pick up of our living areas. I’ve tried to make this more habitual so that our girls begin to build the habit for themselves. We have continued to work through literature, grammar, spelling, and mathematics. This week we also added in French again. 

We are squeezing in a few more summertime memories. We are all happy to see fall and routine return. In fact, these are some of my favorite days of summer. They are a bit calmer and as we savor them, I think more greatly appreciated. They are also slightly cooler and so we get what we can out of them.  

Our sweet Penny has had to get used to our new routine as well! She’s happy the girls are available to cuddle during school hours, but is still trying to get comfortable with my piano students arriving each day! 

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