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All of my friends know I’m all about being organized and scheduled. The secret many of them don’t know is I’m horribly scatter brained and without this organization our homeschool would fall to pieces daily! So this is how I function peacefully. I recognize that the creative brain God gave me tends to wander becoming distracted easily.  I therefore strive to compensate with organization and planning.

This does NOT mean my house is always perfect or that we always get everything done in a day I have planned or that I go nuts if my plans and organization fall apart. I just function better when I have direction for my day. I also have two part-time jobs teaching piano and teaching literature and writing to homeschool junior high students. I didn’t schedule and organize my day nothing would get done! Here you will find some tips that I have both discovered on my own borrowed from others more experienced at homeschooling than I am.

I have a daily schedule that starts pretty early because my kids are early risers. My goal is to start getting up earlier so I can get more done before they are awake! Each day is different because of the classes my daughter takes at Deerstream Learning Center, but this is our “at home” schedule for just my kids. Below the schedules is an explanation of the abbreviations.

7:00 – Breakfast, Get dressed, Morning Chores
7:30 – Begin Lessons – Family Devotions, Calendar Time
7:45 – Grace: All lessons, Beth: Semi-Independent, Rose: Independent
8:15 – Beth: Dependent , Rose: Semi-Independent 
9:00 – Break (Outside if possible)
9:30 – Rose: Dependent 
10:30 – Break
11:00 – Lunch
11:45 – Nap Prep
12:00 – Rose: Finish Lessons if Needed
1:00 – Rose and Beth: Quiet Time
2:00 – Up from nap/quiet time & Snack
2:30 – Piano/Voice Practice, Afternoon Chores & Study Awana
Afternoon – Play!!!!
6:00 – Dinner
7:00 – Bath
7:30 – Read in Bed
8:00 – Bed

Dependent: Mommy has to be actively involved for the entire assignment
Semi-Independent: Mommy teaches something and the activity can be completed alone
Independent: The entire assignment can be competed without Mommy


Once I have a routine I can function within it. If things go off schedule, no problem. I have a framework to work within. This is our classroom before we get started for the day.

The school storage area uses all parts of the bookshelves…especially the tops! Each of my daughters has their own different-colored basket with the books they use regularly. 

As you can see this is a multipurpose room! I teach piano here for 2 hours every day and the girls use it as a playroom in addition to being where we learn. I have to keep this room organized in order for it to function as it needs to! I have re-purposed and rearranged multiple times until we finally have an arrangement that works.

They also have a section on our white board where they can keep track of what they have completed and what is left to be done.The girls really like this. They can see what is left and I give them some freedom to choose what they work on next.

I made the magnets using internet clip-art modge-podged onto large glass rocks from the dollar store. A small circle magnet has been glued to the back.

To keep myself sane running 3 different curriculum guides I have created a schedule for me to keep track of what has been done and what is left to be done. There are a couple of extras added in addition to Heart of Dakota. You can check out my weekly checklist here.
The key to organization is creating usable space in the area God has given you. Many time you don’t need more stuff or space, just creatively used stuff and space. Happy organizing! 

2 thoughts on “Organization”

  1. I really enjoyed your post on organization! It was nice to hear from another fellow homeschool momma who is scatter-brained and distracted too. 🙂 I really like your ideas and think that I will try to incorporate your simple, yet effective (looks very easy and effective) plan that will fit with our family's needs. Thanks!


  2. My friends really do think I'm crazy rigid with organization for our family. They don't understand that it has come from years of doing it wrong and just being frustrated all the time! I'm glad you enjoyed the peek into our day!


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