Forensic Faith for Kids from David C Cook and Case Makers Academy: A TOS Crew Review

David C Cook
Our kids are under attack. The enemy desperately wants to sway them to his side despite our efforts to diligently train them in Scripture. While it is important to remember that each child will make their own personal choice to follow the Lord or not, we must not neglect the ever important work imparted to us as parents and leaders of children in ministry. The next generation is as different from ours as ours was from our parents. The truth of Scripture never changes, but our methods and modes should reach the culture where they are. We were excited to review Forensic Faith for Kids from David C Cook and Case Makers Academy, a fantastic tool which will help kids learn how to investigate their faith just like a detective investigates a case. 
Forensic Faith for Kids
The structure of this book would make it a great tool for a small group Bible study for kids or for your own family’s Bible study time. While it is geared towards kids in the title, I think this is a valuable tool for any age wanting to deepen the apologetics of their faith. It is simply and clearly written so no matter your age you will gain extensive amounts of understanding. We enjoyed reading this aloud together and then having a good discussion. 

The word apologetics can really make some people nervous. I can assure you that you don’t need to be! The way this is presented as a case will give your kids the tools they need to effectively share their faith. We have several friends in our life who do not know, or even want to know, the Lord as their Savior. Some aren’t certain if God even exists and it can be hard to know how to talk to them about our faith. The practical options presented in these pages clearly guides children and adults to know how to share and defend their faith! The story-like presentation makes the book approachable and I think one of the best ways I’ve ever seen of teaching kids how to share their faith. 
The presented story is engaging! Sometimes when I’ve read what were meant to be instructional Bible material for kids which was written as a story it honestly came off as just sort of cheesy and forced. The writing of this book is anything but that. We all thought it was fun and engaging and were excited to hear what was going to happen next. Combining excellent storytelling with biblical truth which instructs my daughters faith makes this book at the top of my recommendation list! 

In addition to this awesome book there are excellent online resources you can utilize! Each chapter has a video segment to be viewed, a training activity sheet and academy notebook sheet to be used by students to remember and practice what they read, and an adult leader guide to help you in teaching your kids or students at church. I discovered there are also adult versions of this book and others by the author which I’m very interested in checking out! 
I was so pleased with this title I’m planning to get the other two in the series. Giving kids the knowledge of Scripture is wonderful, but it must only be the beginning. Using Forensic Faith for Kids we will be giving them the tools they need to practically live out and share their faith. 

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Taking the Mystery Out of Geology & Geology and Apologetics from Northwest Treasures: A TOS Crew Review

Northwest Treasures  Our culture heavily saturated with the idea that evolutionary theory is fact, so much so that even children’s television begin teaching this to preschoolers and young elementary students. Proponents of the theory gloss over the problems and ridicule anyone who questions them. We have never shied away from teaching our children the theory of evolution. We think it is important they know the different beliefs which are swirling around us and why we (my husband and I) do not agree with them when considering the Scriptures. We know it will be their own choice whether they choose to believe evolutionary theory or not, but I want them to be full equipped with all of the knowledge available. This is why online classes such as Geology and Apologetics and Taking the Mystery Out of Geology from Northwest Treasures are so helpful. Our daughters take a science class at a homeschool learning center which seeks to remain neutral on this topic. For that reason, we choose to supplement at home with teaching that shows both sides of this issue. Take the Mystery out of Geology Online Course  This short class is a wonderful introduction to Geology, especially if your children have never had the opportunity to study this discipline. I also personally enjoyed this course as a brief and informative reminder of the basics of Geology so I am fully equipped to understand what new scientific “discoveries” are actually referring to with regards to geology. I greatly appreciate that this deals with both the science and philosophy behind modern geology. Understanding this pairing is vital to see why the proof used to support evolutionary thinking can actually be interpreted differently based upon your beginning philosophy.  Geology and Apologetics Course  This 6-part study dives more deeply into how geology and apologetics must go hand-in-hand. Rather than blindly accepting what mainstream science claims under their personal faith in evolution, students are readily equipped to see things from a different perspective and understand God’s hand in it all through creation and the flood. The class is geared towards ages 8 thru adults. 
I personally appreciated that right off the bat the difference between science and philosophy are discussed in a very clear and understandable way. Also the importance of studying and knowing the Scriptures for yourself is reiterated over and over again. These are all things we have taught our daughters, but having them hear it from a different voice is beneficial. 

After each of the six lessons there is a series of questions for discussion. This makes it ideal for a group setting. We would pause at each question and talk about it, sometimes returning to various portions to watch again before discussing. I’ll be honest, I was a bit surprised just how much my 8-year-old retained. She is definitely at the young end of the age range and learned quite a bit. One of our longest discussions centered around the difference between observational science and faith. I think the girls really grasped the differences between the two after watching this course. We had some wonderful talks about how to tell the difference between what can be observed and what is taken by faith, whether that faith is in the Lord and His Word or in evolution. 

We found both video courses to be beneficial for the entire family to watch together. We used this as some of our learning time during the heat of the afternoon we get here in the South. When the girls didn’t want to be outside in the muggy weather and I wanted them to be productively engaged, science videos are a great option! 
Dinosaurs and the Bible Online CourseThere are some other really good things offered from this company on their website and from Schoolhouseteachers as well. You can use physical products such as their high school course Northwest Treasures Curriculum Project. If you are looking for something geared towards the younger set, Geology for “Little Eyes” is a great choice! Some of my Crewmates also took a look at Dinosaurs and the Bible which looks fascinating to me! 
We want our children to believe the Scriptures and follow the Lord as they grow into young ladies. We do not want them to do so just because my husband and I tell them to do so. We want them to learn for themselves and chose for themselves whom they will believe. The most valuable thing we can do as we homeschool is equip them with knowledge and understanding, allow them to ask questions, and seek the answers alongside of them. Northwest Treasures is a wonderful tool to help with this along the way. 
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Questions God Asks: Book Review

I have come to really love reading the gospels. My favorite parts are when Jesus is asked a question. More often than not He responds with a question rather than directly answering. Why did He do that? Further exploration of Scripture reveals God has been asking men and women questions from the beginning of creation. Israel Wayne delves into these questions in his book Questions God Asks from New Leaf Press
As with all books from New Leaf Publishing Group I eagerly jumped right into reading. I genuinely enjoy learning and growing in my faith through solid biblical teaching. While there is no substitute for the Word of God I feel so blessed to live in a time when there is no shortage of clear evangelical instruction from those who believe Scripture is the literal and inerrant Word of God. I am, however, cautious to research both the author and publishing company before I read because I know there are those who do not take God’s Word as it should be. 
Israel Wayne fervently and consistently defends the Christian faith and a biblical worldview. His straight-forward writing style invites everyone, no matter where they are in their walk, to consider the questions God poses to specific individuals, then walking the reader through Scripture to see why the answers are so important. He also explores why God would ask questions in the first place. 
One aspect of this book which I feel lends itself to being a tool for evangelism is the brevity of each chapter. Words are not wasted and the simple clarity of each section makes this an ideal read for those seeking to understand who God is according to the Scriptures. As I continued reading individuals came to mind in nearly every chapter with whom I wanted to share the book. 
Although every chapter is excellent, my favorite was the first, a question posed to Job. Where Were You? was a chapter with which I related closely. Several years ago we felt the pain and loss of our first child to miscarriage. It was an incredibly difficult time and as my husband and I found comfort in the Book of Job. Job 38:4 in particular was a verse which God brought to me during this time. “Where were you when I lid the foundation of the earth? Tell Me, if you have understanding.” At first read this may seem a rather harsh statement for our loving God to make to a man who has lost nearly everything of value in his life, yet this question led Job, and me thousands of years later, to feel deeper peace and comfort. 
I loved Wayne’s chapter on this verse as he related a conversation he had with an unbelieving seatmate on a flight. He showed how this same question God posed to Job could also be used to defend the Christian faith. What a blessing to see God teaching us apologetics through His own questions to humanity! 
I also really liked chapter seventeen, Do You Have a Right to be Angry?, a question God posed to Jonah as he whined and complained at the grace and deliverance given to Nineveh. This chapter deals with the sovereignty of God, something we all struggle with from time to time. Whether we are angry at what we perceive to be God’s response to a situation or about life circumstances it is a questions we should allow God to ask us the same and listen to His promptings. I often need reminded of the sovereignty of God as I view the world around me. 
I highly recommend this book and feel better equipped to share my faith after reading it. For more on what is included in the book take a look at the preview below!
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Disclaimer: I received Questions God Asks from New Leaf Publishing in exchange for an honest review.  I was not required to give a positive review. I was not compensated in any other way.