Season 6: Underground Rising, Digital version from Brinkman Adventures: A TOS Crew Review

Brinkman Adventures
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Our girls have been listening to radio drama since they were born. We love stories and I love the imaginative way radio dramas incorporate kids. This wonderful form of entertainment and storytelling has its roots in the Golden Age of radio during the 1930s and 1940s. When television became all the rage, many thought radio would lose its appeal. It did to some extent, but there has been a resurgence in recent years within the Christian community, especially homeschoolers. Still, not many shows have included homeschool characters so we are always excited to listen to the stories from Brinkman Adventures! This time we had the chance to review the digital version of Season 6: Underground Rising. Previous seasons have been a little longer, but this one is in their new 6-episode release structure. 
Underground Rising Season 6 Brinkman Adventures
The last season we reviewed were all stories about the family, which the kids really loved. This season also included some historical adventures! I love that while the stories are scripted and dramatized, they are based on actual events from history past and present. Some are more fun and others more adventurous. There is really something for everyone and the entire family can enjoy it together! 
I would encourage parents to preview the episodes about the Dutch Underground. While I felt they were tactfully handled without too much of the violent details of what happened to those who were captured by the Nazis, they are very intense and definitely have some moments which could be quite frightening to younger listeners. I chose to have our girls listen to those particular stories during the day. They have listened to the others at night some as well as all of us together in the car. 

The digital version was a great fit because I used my phone or the girls their tablets to listen. Sometimes I would hear the girls listening to the stories while making their beds or folding laundry. They also like to listen during mealtimes as well as in the car! We would often start the story on a short drive and finish up at home so having digital content was a great way to go. You can see the girls enjoying one of the stories via the tablet in the middle of the table while eating cauliflower and fried macaroni and cheese! This was a fun meal and we like listening to an audio drama during lunch after the girls’ science classes on Wednesdays. They are often worn out and have already talked about their day on the 30 minute drive home, so this is a relaxing time for us all. 
My girls really like the Real Stories webpage for this season! Seeing the historical photos of the story of Dutch Underground and photos of the actual family who inspired I Wonder Why? gave a deeper impact and meaning to the stories. They had heard they were based on true stories, but those in particular were quite meaningful. While my daughter is not as severely allergic to wheat as the young boy in the story, she has needed to change her diet due to a reaction to gluten. This story in particular impacted me as well as her. 
I love that the family reflects biblical values and present gospel truth in every story. While the family is not exactly like ours, I know that the content is “safe” and going to glorify God in every way. Scripture is always included and a true-to-life lesson in living out faith in real-life the central theme. So much media available to kids in the world is negative and ugly, portraying parents as naive and uplifting values contrary to Scripture. Brinkman Adventures is a wholesome form of entertainment I highly recommend to all families. 
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