Spring Break!

We took our spring break a little later than normal this year. My in-laws had planned to come into town this week and with the late start after Christmas I didn’t feel bad having our break later than everyone else. We had a great spring break! Here are some pictures of our fun…

Catan with the fam! Rose enjoyed playing her first game on her own, at least as alone as she could! She’s grown up watching us play this game from the time she was just a baby.

I finally figured out how to check out books on my Kindle from our local library and my girls have loved this new way to read books like The Magic Tree House and A to Z mysteries! Beth read the one about Pandas.

My in-laws got to try out our local shaved ice. The girls chose a new flavor, Dirt and Worms. It’s root beer flavored with gummy worms. They loved it!

We played out in the back yard a lot because the weather was so very nice. We love the ideas in Dianne Craft’s Active Play Books so much that we tried out some new ones! Check out my review to see some more fun from this great resource for your little ones.

We ended the week with my husband’s family and watching my niece play Amaryllis in The Music Man in school.

We love playing with our cousins!

We love it so much I can’t get them to pose for the camera!

To end the week my husband and his brother ran a marathon! This is the second one my husband has run and he did a GREAT job! This is his brother’s third marathon. Nothing like a little brotherly competition to spur them on!

The run started early while the little ones were sleeping. I saw him start the race, but the girls missed that part. We found Daddy later in the morning along the way.

He did a great job, finishing up in 3 hrs and 45 minutes. I can’t even imagine running for that long. Way to go!

We had a good break and are looking forward to getting back to our regular schedule this week. The girls are anyway. They love school. I would have liked a little more time to get some other things done!