Week in Review: July 30 – August 3

My husband and I spent this last week in Clarkston, GA serving alongside Envision, a ministry of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. It was a wonderful to work alongside them as they seek to minister to refugees. The Lord spoke to us both and we are looking forward to the next opportunity we have there. I’m not posting many pictures for privacy reasons, but here are a few just for fun! 

Even though we are used to serving together in ministry, this was different. We served in different ways and with different roles than our “usual” which was incredibly refreshing. We laughed a lot, along with our other team members, and really just enjoyed one another’s company.
 This is me. I’m the one in pink. I’m whacking at weeds…
 This was not my favorite moment of the week. I had no idea what I was doing with the tool I was given. It was a beautiful reminder that we need to be willing to serve where it is needed, not always where it is the most comfortable. 

The girls spent the week with my parents and while I know they had a great time, we were all very excited to see each other again. We snuggled a lot when we got home!