The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest: A BookLook Blogger Review

Fairy tales are my new favorite genre since discovering Melanie Dickerson’s books. I never really thought about fairy tales for adults even though some of my favorite movies are these classic stories. I was eagerly anticipating her newest installment and was not a bit disappointed!

This story centers around Odette, the orphaned daughter of a wealthy merchant being raised by her uncle and burdened in her heart for the other poor children and orphans of her village. During the day Odette teaches and trains the littlest ones ignored by most of society. At night she illegally poaches from the King’s forest to help feed the destitute. She remembers very well the pain of losing her parents as well as what it was like to beg, steal, and live without while she waited for her uncle to come claim her.

Odette is passionate and beautiful, desired by many men in her village, but her uncle has allowed her the freedom to choose whom she will marry rather than force an unwanted man upon her. Enter Jorgan: The forester to the Margrave who is out to seek revenge for his adopted father’s death by a poacher. Circumstance brings them together and attraction keeps them seeking one another’s company, but the complicated matter of Odette’s nighttime occupations presents a very real problem, not to mention danger.

As usual with Dickerson’s novels I was drawn into the story within just the first few paragraphs. I loved that Odette was more than just a pretty face and in fact is irritated by those who only see her outward appearance and nothing more. She is more super hero than fair maiden as her one desire is to provide for the poor orphans in her community. This retelling of Swan Lake with overtones of Robin Hood will capture your interest and heart and pull you into its medieval backdrop.

Read this and you will fall in love with the fairy tale all over again.

Disclaimer: I received The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest as part of the Booklook Blogger review program. I was not required to write a positive review. These opinions are my own.