Lila Rose Review

*This post contains consultant links*

Ever hear the jokes about at-home-mamas and how they stay in their pjs all day?Ladies, somehow we’ve gotten the bad wrap that if we’re going to be home, we’re not going to make ourselves look nice. Now, I’ll admit, I want to be comfortable when I’m home. I often wear sweatshirts and comfy pants. At the same time, I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to look nice, especially for my husband. Whether you agree with me or not, I think it is important to make an effort for him. One of the easiest ways to dress up my typically very casual style is by accessorizing with Lila Rose! 

My blogging friend Jennifer, over at A Glimpse of Our Life, introduced me to Lilia Rose. I was ecstatic when she offered me a chance to review some of the accessories! She sent me several sizes and styles of Flexi Clips and hair sticks. The Flexi Clip is their signature item and there are so many amazing styles and themes to choose from! This is just a tiny sample of some styles they have to offer, and it’s only the beginning!
This is how my daughter worse her hair for our piano recital using the medium size Flexi Clip at Christmas. She has very fine, naturally wavy hair and almost everything slips out of it. The Flexi Clip stayed securely and she was pleased to have many sweet compliments on this unique accessory. 
No matter how thick or long you hair is there is a clip which can work for you! Rose, Grace, and I have very fine hair so we tend to gravitate towards the smaller sizes. My Beth has thicker hair and can manage some bigger clips. My personal favorite size is the mini. It has just enough splash of color and style to dress up any outfit and I usually pull back just a small section of my hair. When I’m wanting to wear my hair up, I vary between the small, medium, and large sizes. I too have naturally wavy hair, so it all depends upon how long it is and what the weather is doing to it. This is an excellent place to start if you are trying to decide what size is best for you. 
There are numerous ways to wear these clips as well! Beth prefers to have a low-down hair style. This is a simple flipped pony tail with the clip added in. 
As much as my girls love the Flexi Clips, my favorite item from Lila Rose are actually the Hair Sticks. When I was in high school I would sometimes use pencils to put my hair up. This is a much cuter alternative! Hair Sticks take a little time to get used to, but I have a few tips to get you started. 
First, start learning to use these with your hair in a pony tail. This was the easiest way for me to figure how the sticks work best with my hair while not having to deal with all the hair slipping through my fingers. Eventually you won’t need the pony tail holder, but I think it’s a great way to start. 
I think one of the easiest ways to learn to use them is using a bun. Here are the basic steps.
1. Wrap your hair in a barely loose bun in the middle or nape of your neck. 
(use a pony tail holder if you need to!)
2. Push one stick up through the center with the point of the stick facing up towards the ceiling. 
3. After the stick is in the bun, flip the stick around so it is point more towards the floor.
4. Push the stick down. 
At this point, your hair should be fairly secured. It may be a little loose, but you should be able to take your hands away and it stay up. If it doesn’t, try steps 1-4 again. 
And now for the second stick…
5. Push the second stick up through the bun just as you did the first. It can be in the same area or on the opposite side so you make an “x”. I’ve done it both ways and the “x” seems to keep my hair more secure. 
6. Push it up so the stick is point towards the ceiling, then flip the stick downwards towards the floor. 
7. Push the stick through to secure. 
The point of the second stick is to hold the style in place more securely. At this point you should be able to shake your head a bit and nothing come loose. 
Sometimes it takes a little time to get the feel just right. I don’t like it to be too tight, but if it is too loose, it will fall down. Also, the length of your hair will determine the way you wear your hair sticks. There are three basic ways I wear the sticks depending on the length of my hair. When it is shorter, I do a simple twist using the sticks. At medium length I use the bun technique. When it has grown out longer I wrap the hair on one stick and use the second to secure it. This last technique was the hardest for me to master. This is one of my favorite hair styles right now and because Lila Rose has such a wide range of styles you can find something to fit your personality in a flash. 
So what about those of you with much shorter hair? Don’t worry! There is something for everyone at Lila Rose!
My second favorite item from Lila Rose are the adjustable head bands. I’ve always loved the look of headbands, but because I wear glasses they have never been comfortable. Lila Rose has changed all of this for me! They have a beautiful selection of adjustable headbands which means my girls and I can share them. They look so fancy and I can wear the all day comfortably. 

Beth wears hairbands without complaint, but my other two daughters usually shy away from them. They were hesitant to try out the ones from Lila Rose, but I asked them to just give them a try for a little while. Several hours later I asked them how they felt. Rose (my oldest) said, “What hairband are you talking about?” She had completely forgotten she was wearing it! 

Some other products include Bobby Pins, Flexi Oh!, You-Pins, and Badge Clips. I haven’t used these as much, but all are beautiful and an easy way to dress up your style without a lot of effort. 
Disclaimer: I received 3 Flexi Clips and a set of Hair Sticks in exchange for my honest review of the products. I was not compensated in any other way and was not required to give a positive review.