Field Trip: Harbour Town Lighthouse

When I was anticipating the trip to Hilton Head Island, SC I immediately wanted to look for the nearest lighthouse. My husband and I have always been partial to lighthouses. We love the symbolic nature they have for us as Christians. When deciding on a name for our homeschool which is required by our state I emailed him a list of several options. Within just a few minutes he replied that Lighthouse Christian Academy was the winner.

The Harbour Town Lighthouse is smaller than others I have seen, but I love the beautiful pattern it is painted. As you make the trek up the 114 steps you are treated to a history of the island and lighthouse. There is a gift shop at the top with many collectibles.

Originally we planned on all making the trip to the top…but since I was still recovering from surgery I missed out on this one. I wasn’t sure how the girls would do on the way up, but my husband said they did fine. This entire post is from what I was told second hand about their adventure. I was shopping!

We made it!

The staff was extremely friendly and was kind enough to replace a ceramic ring we bought my daughter that she accidentally dropped outside on the concrete. My dear husband ran…he’s a marathon runner, so no big deal…to the top to purchase a replacement and they gave him one instead.

Back at the bottom

Although the girls enjoyed themselves, this was not their favorite outing. It did follow The Sandbox, they were tired after also playing on the beach that morning, but even without those things I wouldn’t say this was a highlight for them. My husband and I really like this kind of thing and I am disappointed I didn’t get to make the jaunt.

There are a few things to consider before taking young kids up to the top. Although 114 steps doesn’t seem too bad for a lighthouse, it is pretty tiring on little legs. Also, when you get to the top it opens right into the gift shop with lots of breakables, so be wary of little ones getting ahead of you!

Here are some views from the top…

I’m not really boat person, but these look so pretty in the harbor!
I would love to explore those islands sometime!
God blessed us with such beautiful weather during our visit!
This is my husband’s golf envy shot!

Field Trip Rating
Family Friendly: 7
Kids Engagement: 5
Likelihood to return: 3 (Unless the kids aren’t along)