Lone Star Learning: Greek and Latin Roots Review

When I was in college and studying to be a middle school English teacher I spent a lot of time researching vocabulary. I was taught via the memorize-each-word-and-definition approach in school. To be honest, my vocabulary increased more through reading, but this didn’t help a lot on tests like the SAT. As I researched and studied I came to be a believer in knowing roots from Greek and Latin. I incorporated this into my vocabulary teaching and still do with the homeschooled middle schoolers I teach once a week. 
PhotobucketStuck in the back of my mind was always the desire to teach Greek and Latin roots to my daughters, but they are still very young and I wasn’t quite sure how to go about doing this. Lone Star Learning has made this easier than I ever expected with their Greek and Latin Roots Picture Vocabulary Cards. Pictographs beautifully illustrate the definition for each root in an memorable way for elementary students…or any age!
The package costs $39.99 and contains 60 sturdy, laminated flash cards comprised of 30 Greek roots and 30 Latin roots. Also included is a definition card with sample words. A separate page gives helpful tips for studying and creative ideas for using the cards including activities and games. While the cards are intended to be used with upper elementary and middle school students (3rd-8th grade) I found them very appropriate for my second grade daughter, Rose. She already reads at a higher grade level and is constantly asking what words mean so she was more than ready to be introduced to Greek and Latin roots. 
My daughter saw me open these the day they arrived in the mail. She was so intrigued that she began studying them even before I had a chance to look through the pack myself! She was immediately drawn to the colorful, artistic illustrations. Because her grandfather teaches Greek at seminary, she already was excited about learning Greek roots. He has taught her to write her name in Aramaic Greek and she was very excited to begin learning more. Rose literally danced a little jig when I told her it was time to study her Greek roots! 
We spent two days a week studying and reviewing roots. In just four weeks Rose has mastered the 30 Greek roots! The cards were easy for Rose to read and quite often she could figure out the root’s definition simply by the picture. There were a couple of cards which were more difficult for her, but even those didn’t take her long to master. I had her study them by saying the root name out loud, then the definition. Once she reached 20 roots I decided to see if she could remember the roots without the cards. She knew all 20 I quizzed her on the first time!
I had already explained how roots make up a lot of the words we use daily and knowing them helps us understand their definitions. The day I realized this was really taking root (tee hee) was when she was reading her book for literature to herself in the other room and she came running in saying, “Mommy! Mommy! Guess what? I just found the word hydrate! It has to do with water, right? Just like hydr?” Success!
I intend for Greek and Latin to be a part of their entire education. This has been a beautiful way to start my daughters learning about roots!
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I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. No other compensation was received.