I Know It: A TOS Crew Review

I Know It Interactive Math Lessons K - 5 grade

I’m always on the lookout for supplemental materials, especially for math. My daughters do well in math., but often feel frustrated with traditional teaching methods. I find traditional curricula to be the best way they learn after trying a few other ways, but still they need something to help them see the fun in math. I Know It has been an incredibly fun way to supplement our math lessons each day!

I Know It Interactive Math Lessons K - 5 grade

This program comes from the same people behind Super Teacher Worksheets. My daughters usually have daily drill practice for math facts which they enjoy, but they were pretty excited to try something different! You can use I Know It on either a computer or tablet, you just need to have access to a web browser. 

Once you as the parent are signed in you will be able to create accounts for each of your kids. They have adorable little character icons so each child can have a different picture. This is great for younger children, but even my kids enjoyed having a different animal represent them! You will also set a grade level for each child as well. This can change so if you find the first chosen level to be too easy or too hard. I really like this option. While homeschooling it is easier to pinpoint missed content which may need reviewed. 

Another fun feature allows you to assign specific tasks for each child. This again is a great way to make sure they are working on areas that need shoring up. One of my kids does very well in math…until she doesn’t! She will spend hours working out problems she understands happily, but as soon as she stumbles, she doesn’t want any part of it. With this online practice I have opportunity to guide exactly what skills she will focus on each day. I love that I can see their progress and they can track their progress as well! They can see what answers were wrong and track their improvement as well. Many online programs allow the teacher to see this, but not the student so I find this to be a unique and helpful tool. 

On this exercise Beth could see both correct and incorrect answers. I can down with her and see the same problem she saw, help her understand it, and allow her to try again! 

For the most part I allowed my daughters to choose what skills they wanted to practice each day. I did guide both Rose and Beth to choose word problems because that is a current area of trouble for them both. All three girls couldn’t wait to work with this each day. They enjoyed using our iPad (2nd generation) instead of the computer and would often ask if they could do more than their assigned time to work! 

Rose wanted to make sure I included her thoughts in my review! She said this was one of the most enjoyable supplements she has worked with for math. She is in 8th grade, but worked with the 5th grade material. She is one who often has to review a concept multiple times before it sticks, so giving her an opportunity to succeed, even on a lower level, is incredibly valuable. It isn’t a waste of time for her as she processes more simply worded problems because she can apply the same concepts to more complex problems. Both Grace and Beth also thoroughly enjoyed working with I Know It although I think Rose is the one who liked it best. 
We definitely intend to continue using this throughout the year and I think the price per child quite reasonable for a year’s subscription. I see this as being valuable for students who are right on target and can use it to supplement their current work, wish to move ahead and learn new concepts as they quickly master what they are given, and as remediation for those who may have missed steps and concepts along the way. I really think this can be used by just about anyone no matter where your child stands with math. My only disappointment is that it ends with 5th grade math. I do hope they continue to create content which could be used up through middle school as I think they have done a quality job with what is available. 

If this sounds like a great program to you too, there is a free 60 day trial to interested homeschoolers and teachers!  The free trial page is here:

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MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle from NatureGlo’s eScience: A TOS Crew Review

natureGlo's eScience  At some point in their education just about every student asks the question, “When will I ever use this in real life?!?!” This is especially true about math and most often when it is a difficult concept. I don’t always know how to answer that question to be perfectly honest. I did well in math through school, but it was never easy. I struggled to attain strong grades once reaching mathematics classes beyond geometry. I was excited for Rose to have the opportunity to try out the MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle from NatureGlo’s eScience for this very reason. She is much like me in how she processes mathematics I know it is important for her to see connections in real life! I also know how much she relates to art while learning and was excited to see her dive into one of the courses. She has been working through Math Connections with the Real World for the last several weeks.
MathArt Online   One of the aspects I really enjoy about this program is that it is online. Our daughters have large screen tablets with attachable keyboards and we use these more and more for schoolwork. We use a white-list web browser that allows me to input specific web addresses, so this is how we handled this class. Rose was able to login on her own and complete the work at her own pace. She is getting older and so much of education is transitioning to online content. I love giving her opportunities like this to learn how to best learn with online coursework. 

We both really liked the video content. Even though Rose worked on this independently I took some time to view the videos as well. They were interesting and engaging. I found the teaching to be clear and left me wanting to continue watching and learn more! Rose told me she likes that the teacher explains things multiple ways and included lots of examples.There are also nicely presented slide presentations for each unit as well as extension activities, projects and web resources for anyone who wants to dig deeper.  

In addition to the fabulous online content there are printable resources as well. I liked the written material as a reference point for Rose, but she mostly enjoyed the videos. The other thing loved was the quizlet at the end of each unit! Rose thought these were fun as well. They are not traditional math quizzes at all and she found them to be enjoyable.
The units contain literature, historical, and scientific connections. This usually includes some artistic references which really engages Rose! She is very excited to continue the rest of the courses this year and I’m thrilled. She doesn’t usually love her math work and this is a great addition to our regular math curriculum. I like the looks of Mathematics in the Arts & Sciences as I know how much she likes history. The variety of historical art and science connections throughout these lessons look fascinating! I’m also anxious to have her complete MathArt in Ancient Cultures. I know it will interest her and seeing the beauty and intelligence of the ancients is truly fascinating. This will also compliment the study of ancient cultures Beth is completing this year so I intend to have her join in the fun!

Initially the page setup for the course confused me a little and I wasn’t completely certain what to print for Rose. After a short learning curve it did become more clear to me and we flowed smoothly through.
If you are looking for a course that will help you take a new look at math with your student, look no further! You will be incredibly pleased with these courses.  Check out what my Crewmates have to say!  MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle {NatureGlo's eScience Reviews}Crew Disclaimer